Sell Your Classic Car Today!

September 22, 2016

Are you looking for a quick sellĀ on your classic car. Well get a quote from us and sell your classic car today!

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Sell your Classic Car Today

Selling a classic car can be difficult and time consuming, whats more it often takes up space that could be more useful. The market isn’t quite as far reaching as it is for new cars, so it can be a hard task finding a buyer particularly if you are looking for a quick sell. That’s why we are here! If you have a classic car that you are looking to sell we will be more than happy to offer a free no obligation quote. Should you agree to the quote we will arrange payment and collection of your car within 3 working days.

Obviously we aren’t offering to buy these cars because we are enthusiasts. The truth of it is we want to turn the car around as quickly as possible and make a profit, so we will not be offering retail money for the car. To get an idea of what your car is worth it is a good idea to find similar cars that have actually sold at auction or on an Ebay auction. Looking at cars that have actually sold at auction gives a much more realistic idea than looking on advertising listings. This is because many that are advertised for sale on classified advertising sites are often advertised at an inflated price, and won’t actually sell for anywhere near that amount in the end. Dealers inflate prices on such cars to give them a buffer when potential buyers attempt to negotiate a smaller price.

Remember: there is no harm in getting a back up quote from us to fall back on if you are struggling to sell.

Sell your classic car