FAQ: Selling your classic car

June 3, 2016

For your convenience, our most frequently asked questions with regards to selling your classic car are answered right here.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Selling Your Classic Car

Q: Do you collect the car.

A: Yes, we always like to inspect the car in person before we commit to buying it. We come to you, and if we are happy with what we see, we will drive the car away that very day.

Q: I need to get rid quick! How long does it take.

A: Obviously a purchase of this nature is something that needs a fair bit of research and thought, however we aim to give you your no obligation valuation within 24 hours of you submitting your car for a quote. Should you agree to our valuation we aim to send someone out on the next working day to inspect your car. Overall you could be looking 48 hour turnaround.

Q: Do you accept cars that need work?

A: Yes, obviously this will be taken into consideration when we initially value your car. Please be as clear as possible when providing us with a description of your vehicles. Any surprises will only add to the time it takes to complete the deal.

Selling your classic car