Le Mans C-Type cleans up in Monaco!

A Jaguar C-Type from the 1953 L Mans 24 hour was estimated to sell at just under £4 million at Bonhamns Les Grandes Marques auction in Monaco. As if the late end of 3 million wasn’t enough the, Jaguar eventually sold for £5,706,017! Almost a whole £2 million extra on what it was expected to generate. Imagine something like that sitting in your garage!

The C Type in question is one of the most original of it’s kind and has sat in the same family’s possession since 1963 when racing Photographer Guy Griffiths bought the car for £635. Since buying it the car has remained unrestored and kept in its original condition which is sure to attract a number of wealthy buyers. Adding the cars value is it’s complimentary race history, achieving ninth place at Le Mans while supporting the lightweight C-Types which finished 1st, 2nd and 4th. It also appeared at Spa 53 the following month before being bought and raced by the likes of Mike Salmon, Gordon Lee and Robin Sturgess.

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